The Future Of Customer Experience Depends On Online Data

Creating exceptional customer service requires not only insights about segments of your audience, but an analysis of behaviour from customer data on at an individual level.



Understanding the power of individual online customer data, can help brands to deliver the experience that consumers crave and which has been lost in the 21st century.

This data enables you to start to connect customer intelligence derived from social media, online media and mobile marketing with your offline CRM and purchasing data to create a comprehensive single customer view. This shift transforms your understanding of each individual customer and prospect’s behaviours and needs, helping you to provide personalised experiences, while also benefiting from more effective and cost-efficient campaigns that create a ROI.

How online customer data can help during the purchase

This valuable new data can also allow us to understand the reasons for, and to reduce, basket abandonment. You could automate this analysis by creating a programme that models the data to create insight in real time, helping you encourage a purchase when the customer needs it.

For example, you can start to:

  • identify when the basket is being used as a shopping list – where a consumer adds multiple similar items while they decide which one they want
  • see who is likely to checkout organically within three days
  • include abandonment location, so that if an individual abandons on a checkout page, you can classify them as higher value prospects than those that abandon on an account page.

With this additional  level of individual behaviour and propensity to purchase, you can target marketing communications at those who would benefit from it most, giving the customer a great experience, not just following them around the web with mind-numbing display adverts, which are costly for you.