Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In today’s complicated and competitive world of advertising, one of the best places to advertise might be one that we don’t consider.  Social media in itself is a great place to spread the word about you, your site, and your product or service you are looking to sell.  Let’s face it, social media is addictive for many people.  We have a need to share ourselves in a ‘safe’ environment and where we can keep up with the events of others.  There is a reason why social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can have billions of actions every day.

What is Social Media Marketing?

 Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is a way to gain attention through the everyday use of social media sites.  As discussed above, these sites have billions of interactions each day around the world.  Some people spend several minutes to several hours each day on various sites.  There needs to be a way to effectively reach out to these people, in order to promote traffic from targeted searches to an advertising website.  On these social media sites, the successful advertiser will post articles, images, videos and various other forms of content that will bring people to their websites.  This is the purpose of SMM.

How To Get Started:

The first thing any business owner looking to use social media needs is a plan.  What is your website trying to achieve?  Do you want to generate traffic?  Are you looking to increase sales?  Are you looking to inform to achieve a combination of traffic and sales?  The best advertising plans on social media are those that know in the beginning what the goals are and what constitutes success.  Then, the next step is to assess who you are trying to target, and what is the best social media tool to reach them.  Do they deal primarily in pictures or short text?  Is it a combination of both, and then what message is being sent?  These questions need to be answered to have a comprehensive and successful advertising campaign.


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