How To Get A ROI In Your PPC Campaign

How To Get A ROI In Your PPC Campaign

PPC Marketing Return on investment

At Social Prospects, PPC marketing techniques are used to expose your company and products to interested customers.  The PPC (pay-per-click) marketing model at Social Prospects a strategy is used and bids are placed on certain keywords that users type into search engines, in order to display a related ad to those users, hopefully drawing them on to your website.

For example a business owner may bid on a keyword and when a person searches for the key word via Google or another search engine, the ad may be triggered. This consists of a combination of the bid and the ad’s Quality Score, which is a measure of:

  • How relevant the ad is to the keyword,
  • How relevant the ad is to the landing page it sends the searcher to,
  • How relevant the ad is to other pay-per-click keywords in its ad group,
  • The click-through rate(CTR) of the ad, and
  • The historical performance of the account,

A successful PPC search marketing campaign requires highly relevant ads and ad groups.

That may sound simple, but there’s actually a lot of work that needs to go on in the background to ensure a high degree of relevancy across a wide range of PPC keywords. And you need a wide range of keywords if you want to capture a broad audience (and customer base).

Your PPC marketing results will only be as effective as your marketing strategy. If you want continuous profits and growth, you need to continuously improve your PPC campaigns.

Continuous Keyword Research for Ongoing PPC Marketing Results

The foundation of any PPC search engine marketing campaign is keywords. You need to develop a list of keyword phrases related to your business offering so you can get your name out there in front of people looking to buy what you sell. This starts with keyword research, which you can accomplish in a number of ways and with a number of search marketing tools.


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