Why Business Owners Need To Start Focusing On Video Content.


1. It creates a unique emotional connection.

Video offers an immediacy that can translate emotionally unlike any other medium. It’s the reason why a well-made, 30-second commercial can inspire people to take action. The images, audio and narrative all become a compelling and an engaging experience that speaks to us.
The web is trending with video-based traffic, therefore as a business owner you must realise this great opportunity to connect with your audience/potential customers through videos. This can build the foundation of brand loyalty and a long-term appeal for your brand.

2. Videos can enhance branding and marketing efforts.

Videos are such a compelling medium, it can both be the driver and centerpiece of your branding efforts. Your videos can support a wide range of your marketing initiatives. This stems from the storytelling/narrative capabilities of video. Branding strategies can consist of a variety of avenues: images, text, audio and identity. However, a video is capable of bringing all of these elements together and driving it forward into other marketing initiatives.

3. Video has longer user-engagement periods.

When you create appealing videos, this can create a longer user-engagement period, therefore this should be your top priority on any social media platform. This means that you must invest in both quality content providers and technology that enables you to make accurate choices to keep your audience engaged.

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